Nextflow pipelinesΒΆ

We offer a range of sequencing processing pipelines. We develop them using Nextflow workflow language.

For the end-users we offer Nextflow pipelines available to run on both Sanger LSF farm or OpenStack flexible compute environment. The pipelines can be run either by us or by the end-users themselves.

Here is the list of pipelines we develop:

  1. RNA-seq (both bulk and Smartseq2)
  2. ATAC-seq
  3. TraCeR/BraCer
  4. Droplet based protocols (inDrop, Seq-Well, Drop-seq)
  5. 10X cellranger


If you would like to run cellranger by 10X please put in a ticket for the NPG group by emailing to and specify which version of the cellranger and the genome you would like to use.